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Saturday, December 31, 2011

Latest Most Wanted Designs Images of earrings in 2012 - Earrings trend ,mothers day gift idea

Earrings are favourites of lot of women & yesterday when I visited global village got some pictures of earringsI got the designs from Thailand & think very designs they are,hope you will also like the designs.

Here some designs I am showing you & when got some more will show you again.

Friday, December 30, 2011

The Perfect , stunning & inspired Bedside Table designs in 2012 (DUBAI )

Bedside table although small in size and often leave a large footprint on room.Bedside table today are not what they used to be .And also they are no more that little space where you can can keep an alarm piece. 

These days they are great piece of decoration. Have got some pictures of side table from Dubai ,hope you will like & enjoy .

Thursday, December 29, 2011

2012 Latest Luxury Bedsheets Collection (DUBAI ) UAE

Bedsheets makes your room highly wonderful & to make a bed enough to be sit on the bed sheet it is necessary that it should be covered very beautifully.

Bedsheets are available in different fabrics such as Cotton ,linen,satin & silk. Bedsheets comes in different prints like checks,stripes & linings.Lot of colours& designs are available in market these days .It depends on the choice of a particular person

Some people like embroidered bedsheets some like traditional bedsheets & on the another hand some like simple plain bedsheets,so it depends on choice.

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Dubai's innovative flats latest pictures in 2012 with Play area &Parking

When first time I Came in Dubai I was little upset because I was thinking that how the life will be there,flats will be good or not,play area for children Will be there or not or parking .

When I came here all my worries about these things finished ,all things here are so well managed that after watching it I was very happy.

1. Beautiful Flats
2. Safe Play area for childern
3. Well Managed parking
4. Beautiful Parks

Tuesday, December 27, 2011


Dubai comes in world's greatest cities,when first time I came here and saw it I Couldn't believe it.It was just like a heaven , so beautiful city Dubai is that I couldn't tell you in words.

So many beautiful things like -
                                         1.   BUILDINGS 
                                         2.   MALLS
                                         3.   BURJ KHALIFA& BURJ AL ARAB
                                         4.   BEACHES
                                         5.   DESERT SAFARI






Picture Taken From Burj khalifa

Monday, December 26, 2011

Latest,Cool,Modern, & innovative designs of Cupboard in 2012

Cupboard is very important in a house,it is our requirement.So if you have a big cupboard or a small one it is very necessary for all of us.I have got some pictures of cupboards,hope you will  and give me your suggestions also to improve,will be thankful to all of you.

Saturday, December 24, 2011

Latest,innovative & cool style of mehandi, Mehandi Trends 2012

Henna(mehandi) is very popular among girls .Even small girls like henna painting, my daughter use this at every weekend and at festival also she use.I have some designs ,hope you will like the designs.


In Dubai my favourite is DESERT SAFARI .Few months before when my parents came here & then we visited desert safari.According to me a trip to Dubai is incomplete without desert safari.So much fun is there & lot of things are available in it :-

                                            1.   BBQ BUFFET DINNER   
                                   2.   SAND BOARDING
                                   3.   BELLY DANCING SHOW
                                   4.   CAMEL RIDING
                                   5.   HENNA PAINTING
                                   6.   ARABIC TEA
                                   7.   SHISHA (HUBBLY-BUBBLY)
                                   8.   SUNSET PHOTOGRAPHS


Thursday, December 22, 2011


Indian culture is famous around the world & here lot of cultural things are worldwide popular.Different states ,different people and lot variety are here.

Some days before my father  visited a trip to Rajasthan & he visited  different cities of rajasthan like Jaipur (THE PINK CITY ) Jodhpur & jaislmer.He got from there some beautiful pictures which was reflecting there culture. My papa give these pictures to me & I am sharing with you .

Thanks pa

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