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Saturday, October 29, 2011

Brass metal home decoration images

Brass metal

Dusty brass collection found in my store but still good for decoration in drawing room but only after little cleaning ofcourse

Friday, October 28, 2011

Lord krishna with her mother yashodhra


This is my life’s first painting which I made at  my home. In this painting you can see lord Krishna and Yashodha and you can see the love of a mother to her child. In this painting I use colors beads and different types of stones. These things you can find in the market very easily and these things are very common and they are not at all costly. I think I can made this then every body can do this. Because I am not good painter. If you are innovative  then you can  do it very easily.   


Home decoration ideas,designs,material in new year 2012

CURTAINS - Curtains are the Ideal home furnishing Item.Curtain add enormous personality to
 a house. 
They can tie together the entire decoration which you have arranged.Curtains hung over a 
doorway  are known as portieres. You can match the curtain with the color of your wall and also
with the colour of sofa you can match it.

WALL-CLOCK :- Wall-clock is also an another piece of decoration and as well as It also tell us the time.
This wall- clock my mom took for me from Orissa .She took a lot of Items from there but I like this wall -clockvery much.This is made from sippy which is so beautifuly made .


   And some another decoration piece are here which  I  most and hope you also like them. Here you can two 
   scenery  :-
   1)  First one you can see a heart shape scenery is there with two brown color deer .In between both of 
    two you can see one plant of sun flower is there and blue color background is there.
  2) And In the bigger one two dancing peacocks are there and It has red color background and between both of two you can see a multicolored leaf .


Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Home Decoration Items || New Year 2012 Decoration collection & ideas

PAINTINGS: -Painting gives your room a stunning look .It is a mode of expression .It is the most versatile element of your room decoration.Handmade painting and machine made paintings are available in market.  
Paintings are a great piece of decoration.

WALL-HANGINGS:- From wall-hanging wall of your home look color full.They come in different sizes and shapes like  metal and wood.Different types of wall-hangings are available in market.Wall-Hanging comes in embroidery work ,crystal work,plain wall-Hangings and lot of another wall hangings also coming reasonable prices.

Flowerpot :-It is a pot in which flowers are cultivated to grow plants.In a room cool and different color pots are enough to change your room atmosphere. It is a great way to give your room a unique decoration. Lot of people love flowers ,so flower pots are great to  give your room a new look.



Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Definition of decoration in my words

Today I am starting my first article. It is a great pleasure to me that I can share my decoration love to some other people also. From my childhood I like decoration so much. I always decorate my home from my own choice.

Now what is decoration ;. According to me It is to  give something a beautiful attractive and new look, after watching you like it and you feel proud to your self that I give this thing  a new look.It should be a joy to you not a work.After watching it  should be a point of attraction to people.  

Monday, October 24, 2011

Birth of Decoration Love

Today I am going to start my DecorationLove Blog to help other in home decoration.
Your heartiest welcome in my DecorationLove..... 

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