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Thursday, December 1, 2011

Latest Design of a two slice electric bread toaster in new year 2012

I found very interesting toaster in market which has unique and innovative  features.So I like It and would like to share with you.

Usually we will have to clean the toaster with lot of efforts and still you can see old bread pieces.It is not good for health.But through the innovative bottom tray you can clean It easily .After making your toast you will have to take It out and clean It with a cloth.

   Always you need to take hot bread out.I found very Interesting way to take It out and to have place for
   In toaster along with a little plastic rope so that It remains with your toaster and It will not be misplace.It Is
   also very useful for you.

   And you can see It from upper side also .You can put In It two bread at one time and can enjoy of your
   toast.It has a nice white colour and Its look Is also great.In this toaster timer Is also there.You can set time
   to toast your bread and It will close automatically .It will closed closed after finishing time .
   And the bread will come out automatically.

                       And the microwave  Is also very useful for me.I always boil milk In It for my husband .He
always take cornflakes in morning with milk .So every morning I use It. And lot of more things like you
can do In It like you can make In only five minutes,can boil food, can make carrot ka halwa ,can make rice In It.

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