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Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Home Decoration Items || New Year 2012 Decoration collection & ideas

PAINTINGS: -Painting gives your room a stunning look .It is a mode of expression .It is the most versatile element of your room decoration.Handmade painting and machine made paintings are available in market.  
Paintings are a great piece of decoration.

WALL-HANGINGS:- From wall-hanging wall of your home look color full.They come in different sizes and shapes like  metal and wood.Different types of wall-hangings are available in market.Wall-Hanging comes in embroidery work ,crystal work,plain wall-Hangings and lot of another wall hangings also coming reasonable prices.

Flowerpot :-It is a pot in which flowers are cultivated to grow plants.In a room cool and different color pots are enough to change your room atmosphere. It is a great way to give your room a unique decoration. Lot of people love flowers ,so flower pots are great to  give your room a new look.



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