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Saturday, November 5, 2011

Indian traditional dresses in 2012

Indian traditional dresses are very popular In  Indians and allover the world .A lot of collection of theses dresses I have.In Indian traditional dresses Ghaghra choli,Salwar kameej,and different varieties of Saris are there.In North India salwar kameej tradition is there,South Indian people wear saris and In western part of India women wear saris but seedha palu saris they wear.In northern India they wear suit,a heavy salwar which is called patyala salwar and a shirt. 

Now different styles of saris are there


   And here these two chunnies which they wear on suit  are there.Blue chunni is there on which ghota work is there,and that work is done by hand not a machine made design.This all work is done by my grandmother.They wear this on their traditional dress ghaghra choli on that time, so very old and nice collection of chunni is there.




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